To build your villa or house, we assist you in the conception with our draftsmen in pre-project.

We privilege the art of building with advanced techniques by characterising your villa with elegance and a real phonic and thermal comfort.

Our construction company is specialized in houses, villas or buildings in Morocco in the region of Casablanca & Agadir but also elsewhere.

We can integrate thermal and sound insulation into your construction project.

Several insulation solutions are possible.

We can build your building with built-in insulation or we can build and then make thermal insulation from the outside or between the walls.

The best thermal insulation for a house already built will be to do it from the outside so as not to create thermal bridges.

Mashayekh stands out in the field of building engineering. Indeed, our company is known for developing complete building designs that reflect maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This way of working is part of our goal to offer you a building with lower costs and higher quality.

Our construction company in Morocco takes care of the entire construction of your building. In other words, Mashayekh designs the architectural plans and the reinforced concrete plans; carries out the coordination and quality control of the work and can also build your building. 

Trust us and let us design your building at the best price on the market. Contact us now for a free estimate.           

Whether it's a housing estate or a school, a clinic or a hotel, our know-how and overseas experience in this field gives us the ability to fully carry out these education, health and tourism projects in such a way as to function perfectly while creating dynamic spaces that stimulate the life of the occupants.

Our construction company in Morocco brings together a team of professionals from all walks of life to plan, design and build learning and wellness environments that encourage interaction and collaboration among its users. In other words, Mashayekh designs architectural plans, reinforced concrete and steel structure plans, coordinates and controls the quality of the work and can also build your structure.

Known for focusing on emerging trends, our design incorporates 21st century technologies at a price defying all competition and in a timeframe that fits your needs. Contact us now for a free estimate. Our construction company in Agadir or Casablanca will be happy to serve you!



Custom kitchen


Interior and exterior painting


Parquet flooring

Decorative plaster  


Aluminum railing

Our services of railing are unique because they are always manufactured according to the dimensions and options chosen by the customer. Everything is made according to the specifications of each order, including the glass panels. Thus, we are able to realize a railing perfectly in accordance with the dimensions specified by the customer. 

Aluminum Door

We are a company whose mission is to promote the use of aluminum in building envelope products (windows, facades, partitions, verandas, skylights, doors, railings, shutters, etc...).

Our team is made up of sales people, technicians and workers motivated by a job well done in aluminum joinery.

Our technicians are high level technicians perfectly mastering the art of carpentry in aluminum in Morocco. Trust us for the realization of your project.

Aluminum Windows

 Aluminum doors are appreciated for their wide choice of colors. Aluminum windows optimize thermal insulation, free input of heat and light and are often used in contemporary constructions or for the renovation of traditional houses.

Compose your aluminium window by choosing its shape, finish, opening mode and accessories. Make your choice of design and opt for our ranges of aluminium window :(casement or sliding windows, metallic or two-tone, for small or very large openings...)

Aluminum profiles are thin and flexible. They have the advantage that they can be easily bent to fit elegantly into any style of housing, both in new construction and renovation.

Hyper resistant and easy to maintain, its solidity is no longer to be proven. Aluminum windows offer 20% more surface area for more brightness thanks to thinner profiles.

Another advantage is the possibility of colors and different glazing that allow real energy savings!

We work with manufacturers and organizations to offer them services adapted to their needs. We take care of the manufacture and maintenance of metal units, their installation, as well as the maintenance of metal installations.
We work for the agricultural sector, cosmetics, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, metal construction but can intervene for all sectors of activity contains the work of stainless steel and galvanized steel.
The Mashayekh team gathers expert staff in several fields such as industrial boiler making, industrial piping, stainless steel and steel welding as well as trades that assist in steel construction work.
Thanks to our workshops in Agadir, and thanks to our design office, mobile work tools and professional workstations, Mashayekh has the capacity to participate in large and micro projects, as well as a modern and efficient production tool allow us to intervene everywhere in Morocco and abroad.
Among our daily achievements : Steel structure / Stainless steel tube / Stainless steel tank / Stainless steel tank / Stainless steel tank / Stainless steel can / Stainless steel table / Stainless steel sheet / Stainless steel plate / Stainless steel tube / Food stainless steel / Boiler making / Piping ...

A real well of light, the canopy is a glass surface that allows to partition the space while preserving the maximum luminosity. With an aluminum structure, it allows many shapes and sizes, with the possibility of integrating an opening for ventilation.

We offer a wide range of tiles, stone; marble and bathrooms in 1st choice, for all the rooms of your house :
the entrance, the dining room, the bathroom, the bedrooms, the office, the balconies or the terraces, garages, swimming pools?

Choosing the right interior or exterior cladding is no longer a puzzle anymore! We offer high quality products to satisfy your every desire.
Indeed, the multiple finishes offered on our store allow us to adapt to any type of situation, whether indoors or outdoors, in a professional or private environment. And for the Bathroom, we have selected top-of-the-range sanitary products. Find modern furniture, basins, baths, but also taps.

Our teams are at your disposal to answer all your questions, from the technical aspect of the products to decoration and layout. Don't wait any longer!

Mashayekh offers customer-oriented solutions while paying particular attention to the quality of the products offered and which meet the legal, technical and ecological requirements as well as all required safety standards in terms of use.

Our culture The company's corporate and communication strategy emphasizes teamwork, encourages and requires enthusiasm for the product and identification with the company. Behaviour based on partnership and loyalty in the workplace is extremely important.

Our objective is to allow these actors to carry out their project in a healthy and ecological way with a high degree of customer satisfaction and an interesting price-quality ratio defying all competition.

Mashayekh accompanies you throughout your work of painting and interior decoration for the ideal realization of all your projects while committing to offer you an optimized work. Our work is carried out according to the rules of art. mashayekh is the best Moroccan painting company able to offer you the best interior and exterior painting works.

Our company gathers the best painters of Morocco, highly qualified and experienced, recognized for their extensive knowledge in the field of painting.

Mashayekh is able to offer its customers a product of excellence whose range is constantly renewed to allow a wider choice. Mashayekh owes the diversity and quality of its products above all to the high technology of its equipment and production units. Anxious to invest in ever more efficient equipment in order to deliver an irreproachable product to its customers, Mashayekh attaches great importance to the strict monitoring of its quality control department's procedures. 

To help you design your kitchen space, Mashayekh offers design ideas for large and small spaces.

The possibilities of kitchen design are almost infinite and depend mainly on your desires and the shape of your room.

Give free rein to your desires through our ranges of modern kitchens or classic kitchens. materials and colors, accessories, household appliances, offer you several thousand combinations so that we can create together a design kitchen.  who meets all your needs.

In new construction and renovation, plasterboard allows the realization of the works quickly and above all cleanly. Fireproof, water-repellent, thermal insulation, sound insulation... the different plasterboards adapt to all space configurations and different constraints.

Mashayekh is specialized in alucobond facade cladding in Morocco decorative composite and aluminum. Being a world-renowned material in the composite panel markets, it has the advantage of being both light and rigid and adapts perfectly to the profile of buildings.
You want a personalized facade with a unique cachet? A facade that won't go unnoticed and that will add an aesthetic touch to your business? Whether you opt for a new construction or a renovation project, we offer a wide range of architectural cassette facades.


The core competence of our company lies above all in the planning and installation of basic electrical installations in accordance with the most modern technical standards, both for new construction and renovation work.

In addition to basic installations in residential houses and private homes, we also carry out complex electrical installations in commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

Our many years of experience and constant interest in the use of advanced applications allow us to implement integrated and appropriate solutions.

Lighting (Installation and maintenance) :
• Lighting: specific to the needs of each activity, with lighting studies and simulations.
• Public Lighting: Road lighting, residential lighting, lighting of buildings and green spaces.

Strong current :
• Realization of pathways
• Pulling of cables
• Manufacturing
• Installation and connection of the low voltage main switchboard

Medium Voltage :
• Installation of MV / LV transformer stations

• Maintenance

Plumbing Works

We take care of your plumbing work, from sales to repairs, including the installation and maintenance of your equipment, ... You want to redo your bathroom or kitchen? We realize your turnkey parts.

You can also count on us for drinking and waste water piping and water treatment.

Entrust us with your plumbing works, our reactivity allows us to commit ourselves to intervene quickly for all types of works or for any breakdown service. Call on our plumbing services, our expertise ensures you quality achievements combining know-how and quality products.

Plumbing work, from the laying of pipes and drains to the installation of water points such as kitchen or sink faucets, to the installation of a toilet and sink or the replacement of a bathtub by a shower.

Earthworks, Sanitation and Roads

Earthworks, Sanitation and Roads

Our company Mashayekh is specialized in the works of VRD (roads and connection to the collective network).

We intervene in the work of landscaping of "roads" and urban or leisure facilities such as the construction of roads, sidewalks, paths, pedestrian or bicycle paths, sidewalks, parking spaces, the installation of playgrounds, sports fields...


We intervene in remediation work in the construction and maintenance of rainwater or waste water drainage systems.

We also work on various networks in the implementation of drinking water supply networks, electrical distribution, gas distribution and telecommunications.

Road works

Our field teams, supervised by VRD works supervisors, carry out earthworks, outdoor flooring and roadworks for traffic lanes or outdoor courtyards.

  • Exterior flooring: asphalt (tar, bitumen), asphalt
  • Curb installation: limestone and granite sidewalk and gutters
  • Installation of inspection boxes: valve chamber manhole, pulling chamber
  • Paving: concrete paving, natural stone paving (regular or geometric)
  • Exterior paving: natural stone paving, reconstituted stone paving, concrete paving

The floor rehabilitation will be calculated and structured according to its destination (car flooring, heavy vehicles, pedestrians ...) in compliance with the rules of art and DTU. All our products are NF and are accompanied by a quality and follow-up sheet.

Sanitation and rainwater works

Mashayekh est spécialisée en réseaux de collecte, de transfert, de séparation, de régulation, de traitement, des eaux pluviales et usées pour les constructions individuelles, collectives, publiques et industrielles. Ainsi, en contribue à améliorer et préserver l’environnement et les milieux naturels de rejet. Nos conducteurs de travaux sont spécialisées aussi bien dans l’assainissement collectif que l’assainissement individuel.

We also intervene within the framework of land servicing and connection to the public sewerage network.

Connection to the rainwater network

  • retention basins, storage basins
  • laying and connection of PVC pipes for evacuation
  • installation of manholes, gratings and gutters

Private or public sanitation systems

  • Sceptic tank
  • Coconut fiber filtering mass
  • Installation of lifting stations (discharge)
  • Pumping unit
  • Spreading networks
  • Sand filter
  • Compact filter
  • Installation of micro-purification plants

Miscellaneous Network Works

  • Connections to dry networks: EDF - TELECOM/INTERNET - GDF
  • Connections to the wet network: drinking water
  • Connections to fire networks

Equipment adapted to VRD work

  • Trucks for transporting harvested land
  • Mechanical excavators when the ground is loose enough with hydraulic rock breaker fixed at the end of the arm when the ground is rocky
  • Minipelle
  • Road Roller
  • Crushers
  • Trucks from 3.5 tons to 38 tons

Quality: securing and optimizing your work

We pay particular attention and care to the quality of our work: compliance with customer instructions, securing the site, meeting deadlines. Your satisfaction is our only concern.

Great importance is given to the cleanliness of the premises. All debris and waste is removed as soon as the VRD work is completed.

Cold and thermal insulation

Cold and thermal insulation

It's been more than 40 years since it was understood that a house had to be insulated for several reasons:

  • energy savings: it can represent 70% with a reversible air conditioning in Morocco in summer or winter.
  • well being: go home and get comfortable without fear of heat or cold by always having an ambient temperature of 21, 22°.
  • acoustic: no longer hear those neighbors and the noise from outside. You'll have a better coustic inside.

For a house already built, thermal insulation from the outside is the most efficient solution. This solves the problem of thermal bridges.

This system makes it possible to put a "coat" on your villa and will protect from the heat in summer and from the cold in winter.

In addition, thermal insulation from the outside does not encroach on the interior volume.

Our solution in thermal insulation from the outside is made with high-performance polystyrene boards, fixed to the wall and finished with a mass-dyed coating.

This system of thermal insulation from the outside is cheap and made by our teams specialized in thermal insulation will bring you comfort and energy savings. It is in accordance with the standards with the RTBM of Morocco.


When an apartment or the wall of a semi-detached villa cannot be insulated from the outside, thermal insulation is made from the inside. This thermal insulation is not perfect but will bring comfort and energy savings.

The best solution is to mount rails, put in between the rock wool and then cover with plasterboard (BA13).

For wall insulation, rigid wool should be used to prevent it from sagging over time. Flexible rock or glass wool in rolls is for ceilings. The same thermal insulation system is used for ceilings.


A thermal bridge is the conduction of a material from hot or cold. The hot outside temperature in summer will be transmitted through the non-insulated area to the inside. Arriving on the cold zone of the interior, the air will be transformed into water droplets and thus create humidity (dew).

In winter, it will be the opposite. Warmth from inside will escape through the uninsulated areas and arrive outside, it will create dew on the outside walls.

Rock wool

Thermal insulation with rock wool is another technique.

Rock wool comes from volcanic rock and it is the most used insulation nowadays.

Extracted from minerals, rock wool is incombustible and can withstand high temperatures.

We use rock wool for thermal insulation from the outside (ITE) or for thermal and phonic insulation from the inside...

In rolls or panels, rock wool provides good thermal insulation.

Thermal or sound insulation with rock wool is the cheapest system.

The thermal conductivity of rock wool is 0.035.

The advantages of stone wool

  • Excellent thermal insulation in cold as well as in hot weather
  • Good sound insulation with rock wool
  • high resistance to fire
  • adapts to any shape of wall or floor
  • rock wool is water resistant
  • does not change over time
  • cheapest insulation system

SANDWICH FRIGOPAROI SANDWICH PANELS - FRP & FRPL APPLICATION The frigoparoi sandwich panels are intended for the construction of refrigerated or air-conditioned warehouses, cold rooms, the construction of refrigerated stores for the maintenance of frozen food and freezing tunnels. The FRP sandwich panel is a self-supporting element that simultaneously fulfils the functions of wall and thermal insulation, installed vertically and horizontally. It combines two steel facings coated with a core of rigid polyurethane (PUR) or rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam.


The panels must be fixed to the floor with a U-shaped floor. The panels have a male and female edge allowing a snap-on assembly. During installation, the panels must be tightened well on the longitudinal side so that the airtightness joint fulfils its effect. The panels are protected by an adhesive film that must be removed during installation.


The polyurethane foam is the optimal solution to insulate all the elements of your premises and homes in new or renovation. This process of thermal insulation of floors and walls is manufactured on site.

The foam is first sprayed on the surface to be insulated, then will take 35 times its volume before becoming extremely rigid.

The skill of the designers allows them to apply the desired thickness with precision.

The insulation fits into every nook and cranny to form a continuous, airtight envelope.

Website & mobile application creation

Website & mobile application creation

Whether it is for management tools, administration interfaces or websites, we accompany you on the design, development, integration and/or webdesign of your web solution.

Business mobile application, BtoC mobile application or mobile management tool, whether via Android and iOS technologies, we create the mobile solution tailored to meet your needs.